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Introducing Universal Mobility.

We are going beyond the charge, providing more than access to clean energy infrastructure and mobility services, we're proving the personalized experiences that will help drive us forward towards a more sustainable future for all. We're building the future of mobility starting with our innovative new EV charging stations strategically places where people live, work, eat and play!


Mobility is undergoing one of the most transformational social, technological and economic shifts of a generation, shaped by three key disruptive forces: electric vehicles, connected and autonomous vehicles, and on‑demand mobility services. At Spark, we're building the future of mobility experience. Our innovative new smart mobility charging hubs will be positioned at high traffic venues including retail, entertainment and city centers.

Sustainable Energy + Lifestyle

DC Fast Smart Charging Network + Mobility Services



Our desire for mobility as we know it today has consequences. The impacts of climate change are one of the most profound challenges that we will face over the next generation. The goal of Spark’s innovative new charging infrastructure and mobility platform is to create an environment that advances a more sustainable future. Together with our partners, the UNIVERSAL ZERO initiative willl help advance a more sustainable future trough innovative new mobility solutions, supporting communities and providing a more livable and sustainable future to pass on to the next generation.

Together, we're building the future of sustainable smart mobility.

Let’s work together and build the infrastructure necessary to accelerate the future of mobility.

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